Cindy Herndon Quilts

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Gallery ~ Quilts for Sale

The quilts in this album are for sale!  Each creation is a unique work of hand-made art.
Please eMail or call for pricing.


"Dusky Sky"

"Brownie's Beach at Sunrise"

"Moonlit Birches"

"Eerie Night"

"Sailing into the Sunset"

"Cherry Blossom Spring"

"Snowy Hillside"

"Lavender Landscape"


"Woven Trees"

"Full Moon"




"Framed Wild Grasses"

"Paper Birches"


"Snowy House"

"Snowy Window"


"Snowy Evergreen"

"Room with a View"


"Brown Eyed Susans"

"Yellow Flowers"


"Blue Weave"



"Bluebirds in Spring"



"Ribbons & Straws"